6 Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts that will make everything easier.




As you all know, windows has a lot of keyboard shortcuts, that do a lot of different things.
Today you are going to see 6 different keyboard shortcuts, that could make everything a lot easier.

1- Lock your PC:

This Shortcut is very useful for when you want to lock your PC quickly. Just press win + L and that is it!

2- Emoji window:

Sometimes, when sending a message, or using social media on your pc, you want to insert an emoji. Of course, you can use the windows touch keyboard, but if you are not on a touchscreen PC, it could take you a long time to find the correct emoji. Just press win + { and a emoji window will popup. That is it!

3- Open file explorer:

If you use the file explorer a lot, a way to open a new file explorer window is by pressing win + E.

4- Hiding all open windows:

If you have a lot of windows open, and for some reason, you need to hide them, you can press win + D, and all windows should hide.

5- Switching between virtual desktops:

If you have lots of virtual desktops open, and you need to switch quickly between them a lot, you can swipe left or right with 4 fingers on the trackpad, or you can press win + ctrl + left or right.

6- Quick actions:

Windows has a quick menu of actions to access the task manager, log out, sign out or change your account password. To access it press ctrl + alt + Supr

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