How to upload photos to instagran from a computer.




Method 1:

In this first method, we will upload photos to Instagram using Google Chrome.

1-Installing User Agent switcher from the chrome web store:

First of all, we will need to install this User Agent Switcher from the Chrome web store.

2-Enabling User Agent Switcher:

After installing the extension, click on the extension icon located next to the Chrome address bar.
Then Select IOS, Android or Windows phone, and after select the phone model.

3-Uploading photos to Instagram:

After selecting the phone operating system, that is it.
Now, go to Instagram and you will see the add button at the bottom of the page. I recommend resizing the window to mobile size because it will not look good n full screen.
That is it!
NOTE: After uploading your photos to Instagram, please do not forget to switch back to desktop mode.

Method 2:

In this first method, we will upload photos to Instagram using Bluestaks:

1-Installing Bluestacks:

First, if yo do not have bluestacks, you will need to download and install Bluestacks emulator from here.
After downloading it, foollow the instalation steps for bluestacks.

2-Install Instagram:

Open bluestacks and go to google play app.
In the Google play Search bar, search for Instagram. And install it.
That is it!

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