Top 6 apps and games for your Apple Watch.




1- Shazam:

Shazam is a very known music recognition app, that listens to a song that is being played, and can identify its name.
Shazam now has made it to the Apple Watch, so you can literally identify songs from your wrist!
Basically, it brings all the main functionality of the mobile app and it is free to download for mobile and Apple Watch.

2- Citymapper:

Citymapper is a very helpful app, that provides the fastest directions and routes to places, and also can provide the timetables for public transport, like the next bus…
Citymapper now works on most of the biggest cities in the world.
Citymapper is available for the Apple Watch and provides the main functionality.
You can view your recent places, favorite places, and the route to home or work.

3- Cheatsheet:

Cheatsheet is an application available for the Apple Watch, that allows you to write and keep simple notes on the Apple Watch.
The app is also available for the iPhone so it can be easier to write the notes. The notes from both devices are synced.
Cheatsheet also provides complications for the watch faces to access the notes instantly.


4- Pong!:

Pong is a very popular game which now is available for Apple Watch.
The game is very simple and easy to use, and also fun to play.
To play, rotate the digital crown to move your block up or down.

5- 1Password:

1Password is one of the best password managers that you can get. The app is available for Mac, Windows, IOS, and Android.
The app is also available for the Apple Watch, which displays your favorite passwords on the watch app
Unfortunately, 1Password is not completely free (Mac and Windows), but for IOS it is free to use, but to unlock pro features like sync password to Apple Watch, you will have to pay.

6- Keynote:

Keynote is an app created by Apple, that allows you to create presentations.
Keynote is available for the Apple Watch and will allow you to control the presentation on your phone from the watch.
It allows you to go to the next slide, go to the previous slide…

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